The bag was torn when used for a few days

Common frustration when you choose an office bag over speakers

Many female friends think that the office bag is just an item to help you store your phone, purse, cosmetics, tissue, writing, notebook … so when shopping through speakers. Usually look good and have the right price to buy. However, the commercial bags sold in the market are often of poor quality and out of fashion. You will be disappointed by your choice.

Disappointed heavily because my bag is not trendy, not suitable for everyday office wear

The wrong combination of clothes and work bags will make you feel inferior
The wrong combination of clothes and work bags will make you feel inferior

Because of choosing a bag over the speaker, your bag is not suitable for the situation. The design and texture of your bag are suitable for outings only. You can’t use it to get to work. Under different circumstances, you will have to use different bags.

The color bag doesn’t match your work attire. The color of the bag doesn’t match the color of your outfit.

You choose handbags that are not suitable for your body shape. When looking at the bag shelf or the advertising model wears it beautifully, but when you wear it, it is not as good as you think? Your beautiful handbag is the one that is right for you. But the bag that’s right for you is not necessarily a good one.

There are those who pay money to buy branded bags but still not suitable for you. Please note this shopping guide carefully: “High-quality bags aren’t brand-name handbags. Brand-name handbags are not necessarily a good quality handbag ”.

Frustrated by choosing a bag with poor material, so it was torn when just used

The bag was torn when used for a few days
The bag was torn when used for a few days

The material for sewing an office bag makes the bag durable. If it is an expensive material such as genuine leather that has been properly treated, it will result in a good bag product. If you buy artificial leather that is used to replace real leather, the quality will not be equal. The bag will not have durability, the color will also fade. Although the material of the bag sewing is fake leather, it has a similar appearance as real leather, so it is easy to deceive consumers. Currently there are 2 types of PU leather and Simili leather.

The seams of the mass bags, the market goods are usually reckless, sewing thread is sparse to cheat and the sewing process should be easily torn.

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