1. Origin and significance of Aquamarine

Legend has it that Aquamarine stone comes from a mermaid’s treasure chest, washed ashore from the sea floor. Aquamarine is a rock that symbolizes peace and tranquility.

Aquamarine is called blue jade or berin, aquamarine in Latin means sea water. The typical color is blue or green, when attached to jewelry is usually cut with popular shapes such as oval, hexagon, round, heart …

2. Effects and value of Aquamarine stone

People believe that this stone has power and is called “the stone of courage”. Wearing aquamarine jewelry will make people look clearer, better, and bring prosperity in life.

Aquamarine also works to treat insomnia, hiccups and sneezing. In particular, this gemstone will give you a pleasant feeling, making the spirit more lucid and flexible.blank

Many people also believe that this is a gift of luck, bringing peace to those who have long journeys at sea. Aquamarine stone brings wisdom, emotion and sincerity – a symbol of peace and prosperity.blank

Arranged in the same category as the rarest stones today such as Diamond, Ruby and Saphire, Aquamarine possesses a beauty both in appearance and value.


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